Michael Bileca

is an independent, effective legislator.

These are the core principles that will serve as my guideposts.

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Defending Personal Liberties
  • Character and Values

"I’m working to return to a more respectful system where members of both parties work together in order to find solutions to improve Florida’s economy and improve our schools. And I’m trying to cut waste, hold the line against tax increases and bailouts, and increase transparency so taxpayers may see how the government spends their money."



Michael Bileca is a visionary leader in our community. A man of integrity, strong character and intelligence, Michael deeply loves his country and the democratic principles upon which it was founded. He and his wife Vivian are first generation Americans, each born to immigrant parents who fled the tyranny of dictatorships in Eastern Europe and Cuba. Their family stories represent the true ideals of our country and our community: the willingness of one generation to risk everything to reach the shores of America so that their children might thrive in a land of freedom and liberty.

As the father of three young children, Michael has chosen to commit his leadership, talents and passion to represent our community in order further the dreams of those who sacrificed so much, and to work for the benefit of all Florida’s children. For Michael believes that each child in our community deserves to partake in the American Dream. And he is convinced that, as Americans, each and every citizen is called to leave behind a stronger and more dynamic community than we inherited.

Michael grew up in Miami and graduated with honors from our local public school system. He studied at Tulane University under a tuition scholarship and earned a Bachelor of Science in Management with a minor in Classical Philosophy and went on to receive his CPA license. He received his MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

On a professional level, Michael is a founding partner and the President of Towncare Dental Partnership, Inc. Towncare began in 1995 and under his leadership it now employs 650 people with practices throughout our community and state. He believes all people have a natural yearning to find and fulfill a purpose in life, and that it is incumbent upon business and governmental leaders to create an environment where freedom and responsibility empowers the individual to flourish. These are the principles that have guided his business experience. He also has a proven track record of making fiscally responsible decisions that have ensured the long-term health and growth of his company and his employees.

In addition, Michael is the founder and managing partner of a national consulting company that focuses on elevating organizational performance by creating a culture based on principles of integrity, leadership and effectiveness. His compelling message and approach transforms not only his clients’ companies, but also their employees’ personal and professional lives.

Michael was elected to the Legislature in 2010, winning with over 50% of vote in a Primary Election with 7 candidates and went on to win the General Election. In his short time in the Florida Legislature, Michael has proven to be a champion for Education. In his first term he successfully passed 2 well regarded pieces of legislation, Opportunity Scholarships and McKay Scholarships.

His Opportunity Scholarship bill affords the opportunity to children trapped in chronically failing schools to attend a better performing school and remain in its feeder pattern. The McKay Scholarship bill updated a program developed some years ago to allow children with disabilities under a certain classification to attend a school that can better suit their specific needs. It ultimately gave parents the choice to put their special needs child in an environment that puts them in the greatest position to succeed in academics.

Above all, Michael’s prime motivation is to strengthen our community and country. He is guided by steadfast, proven principles, not expedient, shifting politics. If given the opportunity to serve our community in the new district 115 as a State Representative, he would view it as a great honor and privilege to work with and for the people who elected him.

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